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10 Questions: Trevor Micucci

1. Did you play any other sports besides hockey growing up?

Growing up I only played hockey, it has always been my favorite thing to do.

2. What got you into playing hockey? Was it family or friends?

Well, if anything I would say it was my family. My dad was a goalie himself and played at a high level. The subject was never pushed on me, I just fell in love with the game.

3. Playing goal is not easy and is not always something many young kids want to try. What got you interested in playing goal?

Honestly what got me into playing goalie was a magazine. I was 7 and I was getting ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth and in the bathroom there was a “Goalies World” magazine with Ed Belfour on the front cover as a Toronto Maple Leaf which is also happens to be my favorite team. I looked at the magazine and thought to myself “I want to be like that guy.”

4. Where did you go to highschool? Did you play high school hockey?

In Hamburg I went to Frontier High School and I played on the Varsity team when I was a freshman, but I never attended a lot because at the time I also played for the Buffalo Regals and to me travel hockey was much more important than high school. When I moved to Philadelphia I attended Connexions Academy – and I still am – where I will graduate from.

5. Where did you play when you were growing up before playing with the Jr. Sabres?

Before playing on the Jr. Sabres I grew up playing at a lot of local teams. I first started off with the Hamburg Hawks, the years after I played at the Depew Saints, West Seneca Wings ’96 team, and then for many years I played with the Wheatfield Blades where I played with basically everybody that was on my Jr. Sabres team. The 97’s that I played with all moved to the Regals but I stayed at Wheatfield and played with their 96’ team for two years under Coach Frank Vecchio. My second year of the 96’ Wheatfield team is where I also played with the Buffalo Regals with all of the kids I played with in the earlier years.

6. Your Jr Sabres U16 team last season was stocked full of talent. Did you know at the time how much talent was on that one team?

From my time with the Jr.Sabres I learned that I have to keeping working to achieve my goals so that I would be successful . At the time I knew there was a lot of talent on my team, they were all my close friends and I knew what they had in them.

7. Following the 2013-2014 season with the Jr. Sabres you were drafted by the Bloomington Thunder. Did you have any idea that they were interested in you? Did you have any contact with other USHL teams before the draft? What was it like when you found out you had been drafted?

During the draft I had no idea Bloomington was looking at me. I did have talks with a few USHL teams but never thought anything of it. When I found out I got drafted I was exactic. I didn’t believe that I did and I was in shock, it was a great feeling to know I could be a part of Bloomington and the USHL.

8. This season you left home for Philadelphia to play with the Little Flyers of the EHL. Can you describe the process?

The transition from 16U to Junior hockey was a bit of a change. At first its a little difficult to adapt to the speed of everything, but I feel I got used to it very quickly which helped me tremendously. I was contacted by them to play there, I did also talk to Bloomington about going there and they thought it would be great for me to go to the EHL and to develop. They did encourage me to go to the EHL and that is where I felt most comfortable with my Coach Rocky Russo.

9. How did your parents take the move? Was it hard making the transition to a new team while being in a new city, living in a different house with people you didn’t know?

My parents handled the move fairly well. My mom and dad were upset but they both wanted to see me succeed. My first week or two there it was a challenge being with a new team, home, and city but my girlfriend and my friends made it easier. My girlfriend especially always supporting me and always being there. My family also, they would send me letters, call me, check up on me, and send me things. I would talk to my parents almost everyday. My parents did make some trips down for the weekend and would stay to watch my games.

10. You were named the EHL Goaltender of the Year following the season with the Little Flyers. You had some VERY impressive numbers with 19 wins (T-1st) while also ranking 2nd overall in both save percentage (.938) and goals against average (1.69) and somehow managed just a single regular season loss and one shootout loss all season. What was it like receiving that award? Who do you think helped you most? Were you surprised you made the transition to Jr A as easily as you did being a lot younger than most of your teammates and opponents?

Receiving the goaltender of the year award was truly an honor. My coach Rocky Russo helped me in every way that he could. My teammates and my roommates as well pushed me, but I would just push myself beyond my limits and thats how I was successful. I wasn’t very surprised about my transition, I was very confident in myself and that I could handle whatever was thrown at me.

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